Our Story

Rebekah is a  deep rooted "old soul" in life, as well as music. 

Her musical roots derive from an inhereited passsion, and genetic soulful voice, passed down from her father, whom as a Baptist minister exposed her to many genres of music, and as a history buff, taught her a great amount of respect, for the history, and origins from which they derived.

Growing up as the youngest of three "Preachers kids," Rebekah quickly found her placement within the hierarchy of her family, and she found her voice, on sunday mornings in church.
Singing gospel music every sunday was her staple, until the evening of March 7th 1991, while at home watching The Cosby Show, as her family did every week, she was introduced to The Blues, and Ms. KoKo Taylor to be exact. Season 7 Episode 21 "Home Remedies." From that moment on she didn't know what it was and who it was she heard, all she knew is that she wanted to hear more! At the ripe age of 8 yrs old, Rebekah knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that her calling in life was music.
She was confident of two things, "Dem Blues" was where she had found her home, and that she desperately wanted to be Koko Taylor, and Punky Brewster (it was the 90's after all.)
After growing up in Southern California, her father's job moved the family to his hometown, in the great state of Indiana. One of her favorite memories and stories to tell is of the week after her family moved , going to visit Downtown Indianapolis, and Union Station, which just happens to be situated directly next to the world famous "The Slippery Noodle Inn" and if you've never visited Indianapolis, you have still most likely heard of this place. It is THE place for blues in the heart of this city! She stood outside, as they were blasting the live music thru the outdoor speakers of the band playing inside (as they do every night,) she stood there, as her family was yelling at her to hurry up, yet she stood there, frozen, and listened to her kind of music, and she quickly realized she was home. She remembers looking at her father (whom was annoyed that she was just standing there) and telling him, "I'm going to sing there someday" he did a quick head nod and said "ok sounds great, everyone is waiting on you." It may have taken many many years, but on December 30th 2014 she fulfilled that promise and made a dream a reality.

After reconnecting with an old friend (Paul Holdman) in early 2014, when he was working on his gospel/blues album entiteled "In the hands of God" he had asked Rebekah to sing on some of the album, in-between her guitar lessons he was giving her. A dynamic musical sound, deep rooted in everything gospel and blues was born! The last two years Rebekah and Paul have been catapulted onto the scene, a scene that Paul has been apart of for the last 27 years.

Rebekah rang in the new year of 2016 with music, at none other than the world famous The Slippery Noodle Inn. This year has brought a lot of firsts for her. The first recording of her originals as an accommplished song writer, her first "Live" album "Live from The Slippery Noodle" which will be released by the end of this year, and her very first solo studio album, scheduled to be released in 2017.

This next year has yet to be written, but will be starting off with a bang, in Memphis Tennessee in January, at the International Blues Society's annual convention, and Blues Challenge, a competition that Rebekah and Paul are elated and honored to have beeen chosen to perform at, compete, and represent the great state of Indiana, and the South Central Indiana Blues Society!

This next year holds a lot of promise and excitement. Rebekah remains humbled and honored by the opportunity to get to do what she does best, which is sangin "Dem Blues," to an eager listening crowd! Please check back often as we will be updating this site frequentley with shows etc!

From Rebekah... "Thank you for the love, support, and the opportunity to fulfill my purpose in this world!!!.... Much Love :)"